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Vet clinics and animal hospitals do get crowded at times. Pet owners must then tell when a trip to the vet is inevitable or can be delayed to avoid long lines and waiting times.

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How to Determine a Pet Emergency with Animal Hospital Queens, NY

When you see your pet acting unusual or when something worrisome is happening to it, there is a tendency for you to panic and rush to the nearest veterinary hospital. It cannot be helped. As a pet owner, you are worried about its life and safety.

Animal Hospital Queens, NY, is committed to treating animals in distress, pain, and discomfort. As an established institution that consistently provides high-quality and efficient veterinary care, we are visited by hundreds of patients every day. We often meet many pet owners who rush to our facility because their pets start acting differently. They then become impatient due to long lines.

Animal Hospital Queens NY

Like you, we also want what is best for your lovely pet. We understand where you are coming from, and we are glad to see how much you genuinely love your pet. A pet’s sudden strange action does not always warrant a trip to Pet Hospitals Queens. Read on to better know when to take your pet to a vet.

When To Take Your Pet to Animal Hospital Queens, NY

When you see the following symptoms, you better take them to us! Our veterinarians at Animal Hospital Queens, NY, work hand in hand with the experts at Animal Clinics Queens to provide the best medical care. Together, we also educate pet owners about the common sicknesses of pets.

Vomiting and Diarrhea. When you see your pet vomit, or if it presents signs of diarrhea, you may think that they are experiencing digestive problems or stomach pain. Vomiting once or twice is relatively common for dogs, so there is nothing to worry about. However, if you see your pet vomiting more than expected, you have to take them immediately to our professionals. You must keep your pet hydrated to avoid any complications from dehydration.

Bad Breath. One of the most common reasons pet owners go to us is that their pet has terrible breath. The most common cause of this is the buildup of tartar and poor dental care. Our pets need dental care, too, to avoid any oral diseases. To prevent this concern, maintain your pet’s oral hygiene. If symptoms persist, you take your pet straight to us, and we will check its mouth. There could be underlying issues like kidney diseases, which need urgent medical attention.

Coughing. Like humans, coughing is one of the most common diseases for our pets. However, it is best not to take this for granted as it could be a symptom of more severe disease. It can be a sign of fatal diseases, such as heart disease. So seeing our vets immediately is highly recommended when you notice your pet cough.

Change In Appetite. Providing your pet with food is not enough. You have to check its appetite. There are some cases when a pet owner just gives food and then does not observe how their pet eats. You must know how your pet acts. In case of a sudden change in their appetite, take them immediately to our dedicated vets and staff. This condition might indicate a fatal disease, like kidney- or liver-related illnesses and diabetes. Any irregularities can be easily noticed when you have a regular food schedule for your dog. Therefore, pet owners are advised to maintain their pet's eating schedule.

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There are plenty more common symptoms our pets present with, but these four are the most typical ones. Contact Animal Hospital Queens, NY, right away when you see any of these symptoms. Our vets and professional team will be assisting you and your pet so we can prescribe an effective medical treatment for your pet. We will also educate you about the other common symptoms to watch out for.