Vet in Queens NY

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a vet visit in NY?

Your first visit to a vet can cost from $100 to $300. This is inclusive of the costs for your pet’s general physical assessment, screening tests, and vaccinations.

What do you need for your first vet visit

Your vet will need your pet’s veterinary records, including its prescriptions, insurance number, papers from the animal center, shop, or breeder you got it from. You will also be asked to bring a sample of your pet’s stool and urine for the wellness tests. Pet owners and fosters can also bring their pet’s favorite food or treats to help them feel comfortable during their first vet visit.

How quickly can I get a vet appointment?

Generally, you can get a vet appointment within 24-72 hours of your initial contact or phone call. This will still depend on the number of prior appointments made and confirmed.

What are some good questions to ask a veterinarian?

Since the vet will perform some wellness tests on your pet during its first visit, this is the best time to ask about how you can properly care for it. You can ask about the amount of food you should be giving to your pet and how frequent you should feed it. You can also ask about normal and abnormal behaviors, best exercise routines, vaccinations, etc.

What does a vet check up consist of?

Your vet will do a general physical assessment to check for any abnormalities or conditions. In addition, your vet will also conduct a stool and urine examination (thus the need for a stool and urine sample) and bloodwork. Additional tests may be requested by the vet should they see the need for it. This is likely for pets that are either undernourished, obese, with congenital defects, etc.