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Vet Queens, NY | The Best Veterinary Care in Queens

Like any other hospital for humans, Vet Queens, NY, has a referral center for your four-legged friends. Our team of doctors and nurses with experience in providing emergency services or daily check-ups and daily services. That is why at times, we need your primary veterinarian’s phone number for proper referral and transition of medical care. We make sure to work together with your veterinarian for your pet’s medical needs. This is how to be can be of service:

  • Emergency. We offer a 24/7 care basis outside your primary veterinarian; of course, it is an emergency, we do not require any bookings. Just tell us ahead of time when you’re about to bring your pet so we can prepare

  • Behavioral. We can determine why your pets act the way they do. From stress to behavioral changes, we can set you up in our schedule.

Vet in Queens NY
  • Dermatology. Do your pets have skin conditions that you’re not aware of? We can help you identify the causes of such conditions from simple blood extractions. We also offer to groom your pets to make sure that they don’t just look good and be healthy.

  • Surgery. From spaying to neutering, we also provide eye surgeries for your pets. In addition, we also offer soft tissue surgery.

  • Breeding. If you’re having trouble with your pets regarding reproductive issues, we can surely help you. We have our breeding experts to lend you a hand.

  • Rehabilitation. We can help your pets achieve their maximum potential through various therapies.

Exotic pets

We also specialize in this category of pets that are uncommon. Our staff is well equipped in receiving and handling exotic pets. We cater to unique animals such as birds, fish, spiders, turtles, and snakes. We are recognized as the Best Vet Queens, NY, when it comes to exotic animals.

Helping Injured animals

Other than medical services, we also accept animals who are hurt or abandoned. We don’t accept pets or animals who are healthy and uninjured. Of course, you have to make sure that they fit into a specific category that would warrant you to bring them to us. These are the following categories:

  • Bleeding in any part of the body is present

  • Has injuries present

  • The appearance is out of the ordinary

  • Extremely malnourished

Finding the right veterinarian

Thanks to medical advancements among animals, they tend to live longer, healthier, and happier. With all the attention pet owners give to their companions, it’s apparent that they will select a veterinarian to be their pet health care provider.

Choosing a primary veterinarian is like having the same criteria as you would have with your dentist or physician. You would think about the location, office hours, and costs. In addition, you would look into the range of services that would be offered. The most important would be the commitment established either long-term or short-term. You should find a veterinarian with whom you could work well and cater to your pet’s needs.

When to look for a veterinarian

It’s always a good idea to pick a veterinarian before acquiring a pet. Your veterinarian can help you match your personality with the type of pet you want.

You don’t need to wait before your pets get sick to go see a veterinarian. It’s always a good idea to have your primary veterinarian’s contact available. It’s also best to always follow the scheduled appointments for your pets; it would greatly benefit them.

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Having a primary veterinarian makes all the difference when it comes to your pets’ entire well-being. Drop by Vet Queens, NY, for your pet needs.